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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hahas,So sorry that I didn't post for so long.

My blog was on hiatus during exam.
Now I'm back.Thanks to those who are faithful readers of my blog :)
Well,Things had being going really wrong for me.
It didn't went how I would like it to be,
My life's like fxxkup now,man,
My grades weren't that ideal.Her? She left me.
For no least,she would not tell me.
I didn't even know what I did to her .She just...nvm.

Anws,gtg .Going for kennedy's Bbq party :)
Will be back soon to update my blog.Bye :)

Darrence Ranted at7:07 AM,

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

fml dont u just hate it when your life is crushed into million of pieces,glue back tgt then broken into tinier bits and pieces just broken up and that stupid feeling is back
she say that she always has no one to turn to even when i am there for her
she say she has no friends,then all those in her skl and class and people i know who r her friend r not her friend lar
then she ask me if i wan to be her friend
wth i really cant understand her already

Darrence Ranted at11:46 PM,