You left me just like that



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Way outt
-Ji Hye
-Yeng Ting
-Yun Yi

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Monday, July 19, 2010

y the heck r u so emo
its u left me one and u feel emo and sad and nobody to love

Darrence Ranted at1:01 AM,

Sunday, July 11, 2010

sry for not posting in a long time
its just busy with alot of things
firstly i now know that i hv to wear spects but its not that serious
just 50degree only but long sighted sigh
then yesterday went out with darius to like a blogshop flea market near somerset mrt there
spent like 7 hours helping out
later at night while packing darius gf pinky got stuck in the car door by someone then later she try to hold back her tears
for the past wk went to play basket ball with friends
although cannot hit the net at least still got try^^

Darrence Ranted at3:53 AM,